Joyful renovations start with a picture

Many renovations create unnecessary stress because the vision costs more than anticipated or face delays because of surprises behind walls or measurement errors. The most stressful and costly part of the process is when part way through the process owners change their mind as a result of seeing partially-completed work, resulting in architects or contractors undertaking complicated, painful, and expensive re-design.

Eliminating the stress of renovation starts with your everyday smartphone or camera.


Create future spaces intuitively in 3D

Whether you are a first-time renovator or a professional, you'll have a vision for transforming a home or office. However, it is difficult to accurately share that vision with architects, designers, and contractors. Even getting bids is a tedious process as you take time away from work to wait for professionals to measure the space, review the project and then wait several days to receive a preliminary cost estimate. Imagine taking pictures or a short video of the space you want to renovate and within a day having a smart 3D model that allows you to start exploring the opportunities of your renovation. With the Hosta model, you can change the furniture, or you could be more adventurous and explore the possibilities of moving the walls or putting in a new window.


Sync across all your devices

It's easy to get access to your smart 3d model from your phone or on the web.



Jose Pacheco


Jose is fascinated by the production methods, design and impact of the built-environment in society, most recently being the co-director of the MIT Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Advanced Manufacturing and Design in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from MIT with a BSc in economics with a minor in biology and an MBA as part of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Global Leadership and Innovation.

Rachelle Villalon


Rachelle graduated from MIT, where she received a Master's and PhD in Computational Architecture. Before that, she did her undergrad in architecture at Woodbury University. Rachelle has experience in architecture/design and software engineering in the cyber security, robotics, and creative 3d modeling industries. She is originally from California and enjoys outdoor sports.

Daniel Rios

Director of Business Development

Daniel has a background in architecture, law, and business. Completing his BArch at Woodbury University and JD at Northeastern University. He has entrepreneurial experience in the consumer space.

Dan Li

Technical Artist

Dan has an art, architecture and computation background. She worked at the MIT Architecture Computation Group and received a Master's degree in Architecture at MIT. Dan likes to explore creative space representation. She is from China and did her undergrad at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Alex Charidis

Research Scientist, Machine Intelligence/Learning Advisor

Alex graduated from MIT with a Master's in Computational Architecture and Computer Science. He is currently a PhD candidate in Computational Architecture at MIT. Alex is originally from Greece and enjoys making electronic music on his spare time.

Takehiko Nagakura

Design/Technical Advisor

Architect and MIT Professor in Computation

David Rose

Business Strategy Advisor

Lecturer and Researcher at the MIT Media Lab. Serial entrepreneur

Abel Sanchez

Technical Advisor

MIT Lecturer and Researcher. Expert in enterprise computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber security, and Digital Innovation

Gilad Rosenzweig

Design Advisor

Architect, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MIT DesignX

Alexandra Mozdzanowksa

Operations Advisor

Former VP of Operations at Hopper

Dennis Shelden

Technical/Business Strategy Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur in the Built Environment, Professor at Georgia Tech, and Former MIT Professor

Andrea Chegut

Innovation Advisor

MIT Research Scientist, Co-Founder & Head of Research at MIT DesignX, Director of MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

MIT Externs 2018

Leon Cheng

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Oliver Heins

MIT Business Development Extern

Daniel Hong

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Meredith Julian

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Laura Koemmpel

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Steven Liu

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Tyler Millis

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Rodrigo Tocalini

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Sara Wise

MIT Business Development Extern

Bill Wu

MIT Software Engineering Extern

Emily Zhang

MIT Software Engineering Extern


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