Adding A.I. to every space

Hosta is the most efficient and insightful solution to assess spaces. It leverages A.I. to detect materials, respective surface areas, as well as architectural and spatial data from just a simple picture. We can output automated CAD models, Plans, and Schedules, and customized reports.

How our customers use our Technology

Breakdown the space into architectural structures

Accurately assess materials, respective surface areas as well as structural elements

Map the environment with a 
simple snapshot

Understand the context of the environment you are operating in. Identify no-go areas or barriers

Turn a simple photo into CAD models & plans

Capture existing spaces and replicate those digitally. Or track construction progress

What Hosta Labs does


Hosta Labs is an A.i. engine that converts photos into Architectural and Spatial Data, and high fidelity, production-ready 3D models.

How it works


We can be a stand alone solution or integrate into your system landscape via an API. We adapt to your needs.
We either provide you with access to our Hosta App and web-based Dashboard to provide you with the data, CAD models, Plans, or schedules you need. Or we customize an App, modeling software plug-in, or reports when you use our API.