Adding A.i. to every space

Artificial Intelligence that captures dimensions and spatial data from just a simple picture of a space. We create automated 3D models, Floor Plans, Environmental Maps, and Data Insights.

How our customers use our Technology

Turn a simple photo into a digital 
3D Model and Floor Plan

Capture existing spaces quickly, cheaply, and accurately

Map the environment with a 
simple snapshot

Enable your technology to find orientation in an interior space

Understand your interior space analytically

Capture data from a photo and create indicators that improve your space usage

What Hosta Labs does


Hosta Labs is an A.i. engine that converts photos in high fidelity, production-ready 3D models and data.

How it works


We integrate our API into your existing system landscape, enabling us to fully adapt to your customer journey. We can provide you with essential data, or can fully build a plug-in or dashboard for you.