See the possibilities for your living space

with the Hosta Immersive Modeling Experience

Snap a few pics

Snap a few pics

Take a few photos of your living space and upload them to your Hosta account.

Get an Immersive Model

Get an Immersive Model

We turn your photos into an immersive 3D model. Get measurements and floor plans, see your room from above.

Create your Living Space

Create your Living Space

Shop for furniture and fixtures, add and adjust walls, doors, and windows for your renovation. Share your model and floor plan with friends and contractors.

Check out how Immersive Modeling™ works

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The Future of Home Design

Hosta is the fast and easy way to plan your home. With Hosta Immersive Modeling technology you can arrange your living space any way you can imagine, as often as you like.

Simple. Powerful. Free

With Hosta you can create 3D models of any room in your home with just your smartphone. Getting a 3D model of your home used to be an expensive process requiring measuring hard to reach spaces and access to complicated software. Now with Hosta Immersive Models, an MIT generated technology, getting a 3D model is as easy as point and click.

Just snap some pics of your living space and we’ll turn them into a 3D Model.

Get rid of the Guess Work

With Hosta Immersive Models, Hosta is revolutionizing home design for everyone. No more wondering if that new sofa will fit in the den. Use your 3D Model to see how everything will fit in your living space before you spend a penny.

Connect Anywhere.

Your model is available online, so you can access it wherever you need to.

Ready to Share & Collaborate.

Share your designs with friends and family.
Invite people to view or edit your model.

How it works

  • Take a few pictures of your room.
  • Upload them to our Hosta server.
  • We turn them into a Hosta Immersive Model of your room.
  • Design your 3D room with our Home Design Studio.