ARtificial intelligence for the built environment

AI powered software that autonomously converts interior photographs into smart 3D models.

H O S T A works for

01 / Designers

Advance your career with automated computer vision. Rapidly translate pictures to smart 3D models so you can get to work designing.

02 / Project Managers

Smooth workflow, quickly gather existing conditions, seamlessly fit updates into project pipeline.

03 / Software Engineers

Easily add AI to your applications.

04 / Executives

Become an AI driven enterprise.

Succeed in A.I. with HOSTA Labs

You want to increase productivity and you want to do it fast. Hosta Labs speeds your success with AI and machine learning. Hosta Labs technology produces 3D models in a fraction of the time of existing services. Our autonomous software helps you solve workflow problems, do more with less, and connect and engage your team.

With state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning Hosta Labs enables users to derive smart 3D models from a single photo in minutes.

H O S T A labs A.I. Solutions

Cloud Applications

Empower your team with cloud based features. Hosta 3D models can be accessed on the web, any time, any where.

Smart Models

Hosta 3D models come embedded with real built environment data. Easily gather space and object data and output project schedules.

Rapid Data Acquisition

Quickly gather onsite data with just a few pictures. No time wasted taking extensive site measureents.

Enhanced Collaboration

Easy to-use-tech. No initial site visit needed. Anyone can upload photos for rapid site modeling. Eliminate travel time and cost.

Scale Your Business

Hosta technology is designed to help you increase your production fast and easy.




Hosta Labs was created out of MIT's Design and Computation Group with the goal of utilizing cutting-edge technology to increase productivity and amplify the abilities of designers and builders in the Built Environment.


Work Smarter, not harder. At Hosta Labs we endeavor to make it easy for the user to get the space they want. Our goal is to develop the most efficient, user-friendly tools to enable users to get to work making the best built environment possible.


Hosta Labs utilizes A.I. and machine learning to rapidly analyze and catalog a picture of an interior room. Our A.I. can then create a smart 3D model. A smart 3D model is not only accurate, it has layers of data such as what objects are in the room, where they are in the room, as well as data on color and texture, among other things.

Jose Pacheco

Jose is fascinated by the production methods, design and impact of the built-environment in society, most recently being the co-director of the MIT Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Advanced Manufacturing and Design in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from MIT with a BSc in economics with a minor in biology and an MBA as part of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Global Leadership and Innovation.

Rachelle Villalon

Rachelle graduated from MIT, where she received a Master's and PhD in Computational Architecture. Before that, she did her undergrad in architecture at Woodbury University. Rachelle has experience in architecture/design and software engineering in the cyber security, robotics, and creative 3d modeling industries. She is originally from California and enjoys outdoor sports.

Daniel Rios
Chief Product Development Officer

Daniel helps us figure out what we are going to make, and how we are going to make it. Completing his BArch at Woodbury University and JD at Northeastern University, he has experience in architecture/design; corporate/intellectual property law; and business/entrepreneurialism. Daniel is originally from California and loves to learn, design, and make things.

Dan Li
UI/UX Lead

Dan has an art, architecture and computation background. She worked at the MIT Architecture Computation Group and received a Master's degree in Architecture at MIT. Dan likes to explore creative space representation. She is from China and did her undergrad at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Alex Charidis
Research Scientist, A.I./Machine Learning Engineer and Advisor

PhD candidate in Computational Architecture at MIT.

Takehiko Nagakura
Design/Technical Advisor

Architect and MIT Professor in Computation.

David Rose
Business Strategy Advisor

Lecturer and Researcher at the MIT Media Lab. Serial entrepreneur.

Abel Sanchez
Technical Advisor

MIT Lecturer and Researcher. Expert in enterprise computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber security, and Digital Innovation.

Gilad Rosenzweig
Design Advisor

Architect, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MIT DesignX.

Alexandra Mozdzanowska
Operations Advisor

Former VP of Operations at Hopper.

Dennis Shelden
Technical/Business Strategy Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur in the Built Environment, Professor at Georgia Tech, and Former MIT Professor.

Andrea Chegut
Innovation Advisor

MIT Research Scientist, Co-Founder & Head of Research at MIT DesignX, Director of MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab.

Leon Cheng
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Oliver Heins
MIT Business Development Extern 2018

Daniel Hong
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Meredith Julian
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Steven Liu
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Tyler Millis
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Rodrigo Tocalini
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Laura Koemmpel
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Sara Wise
MIT Business Development Extern 2018

Bill Wu
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018

Emily Zhang
MIT Software Engineering Extern 2018


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