FNO: InsureTech features Hosta Labs

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Fourseventy Claim Management|10/30/2020

On this episode of FNO: InsureTech, Rob and Lee talk with Henriette Fleischmann & Rachelle Villalon, Co-Founders of Hosta Labs.

A TechStars and VC-backed company born out of MIT, Hosta Labs saves time and costs to assess interior building spaces all from a simple smartphone picture, no special equipment nor lengthy manual assessments. Hosta’s Hopper AI extracts rich information from your images to output a bill of materials, floor plans, 3d models, estimated dimensions, and more.

Rob and Lee had the opportunity to talk with Rachelle and Henriette and learn more about Hosta Labs.

Join Rachelle, Henriette, Rob, and Lee as they discuss: what Hosta Labs is, and what is Hopper AI; a walkthrough of their technology and application of it; Rachelle’s education and experience and how it led to the founding to Hosta Labs; thoughts on the value of graduate education; implementation of innovation and change in a conservative, regulated industry; and much more.


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