Hosta Labs is part of the MIT STEX25 Accelerator – One of the best Industry Networks in the world

MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of nine companies to its roster of STEX25 startups for its current cohort:

  • Endor: First do-it-yourself predictive behavioral analytics platform
  • Hosta Labs: Merging intelligence and infrastructure
  • Immunai: Decoding the immune system to improve health
  • Jeeva Wireless: Automating consumable product replenishment with real-time data
  • JETCOOL: Cooling for today’s high power electronics
  • Meter: Intuitive inspection equipment for engineers and manufacturers
  • OpenSpace: Your jobsite, fully captured. Just tap record and go.
  • Sourcemap: Technology to achieve 100% traceable, transparent supply chains
  • Volta Labs: Biological automation as agile and scalable as digital electronics

“STEX25 startups exhibit the high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology that are hallmarks of MIT, and industry partner feedback is that MIT Startup Exchange is one of the most effective filters for emerging tech startups,” said Executive Director of MIT Corporate Relations Karl Koster. “We continue to see strong interest from our corporate ILP members resulting in advanced discussions and multiple partnerships.”

“The nine startups we are adding this time around come from across all of MIT, including the Media Lab, Sloan, Lincoln Labs, and School of Architecture, just to name a few. This is a result of the great innovative and risk-taking spirit that MIT perpetuates, driven by some excellent entrepreneurial resources MIT offers, such as the Venture Mentoring Services and Sandbox,” said MIT Startup Exchange Program Director, Marcus Dahllöf.

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