Hopper a.i.

Hosta Labs’ patented algorithms infuse artificial intelligence with a semantic engine. Using just a single photo (but being open to other data sources such as Augmented Reality or Videos), our self-learning algorithms leverages its architectural know-how to capture dimensions and spatial data, creating structural breakdowns, CAD models (directly, without point clouds), Plans, and Schedules.

Adding A.I. to every space

You need insights into a space?
Take a picture (device agnostic) and provide 1 reference measurement - you can use our app or
upload it to our portal.

Hosta's algorithm automatically converts the picture into data.
To generate new data insights (data points not already captured), we only need 10 data points to reach a confidence of >80%

We can create customized reports, CAD models, plans (Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling, Working Drawing), or schedules. We adjust to your use case.
You can access those outputs via our portal or via an API.