Quesnay’s Female Founders in InsurTech 2020

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Challenge Overview

Female Founders in InsurTech 2020 is an open innovation competition targeted at promoting female entrepreneurs with solutions relevant to the insurance industry and address technology opportunities.  This is the third year Quesnay is running a dedicated InsurTech innovation competition as part of the Female Founders in Tech series. 

Challenge Question

Digital technology continues to transform the global insurance industry (with the recent pandemic further accelerating change). How will your startup fuel essential innovation?

Why Insurance?  

Across the board, women are underrepresented in insurance.  Especially when looking at c-suite positions…

Moreover, women raised only 2.8% of capital invested across the entire U.S. startup ecosystem in 2019 (PitchBook).  The need to elevate female leaders is indisputable.

How Quesnay is Solving the Problem

Quesnay launched the Female Founders in Tech program in 2017 to identify and evaluate innovative technology solutions and unique talent for corporations while also providing visibility, access to capital, mentorship, and partnership opportunities to startups.  The series has expanded to include programs in industries including financial services, insurance, mobility, and telecom.  Each program drives employee engagement, inclusion, and promotes corporate-startup collaboration.

Since inception, more than 650 startups from 63 countries have applied and our winners have gone on to raise over $35M in venture capital funding and/or have been acquired by large corporations.

Check out last year’s Final Pitch Event at InsurTech Connect in Las Vegas, NV: