Learn how Hosta Labs drives success at the world’s top companies with some of our customer’s most common use cases.

Breakdown Spaces into architectural structures

Do you want an efficient and accurate assessment of a property like an automatic output of bill of materials? Hosta Labs will break down all the structural elements of a property. In residential, that can imply the material and surfaces of floors, cabinets, tiles, or wall finishes as well as counts of HVACs or fire detectors. In commercial, that can include the sizes of racks and distance to ceiling, counts of sprinklers, distance of floor to ground for generator rooms.

Map the environment with a simple snapshot

Image to Drawing 5

Do you want your Robot or VR/AR to understand the room from a human perspective? Do you want your worker not to walk into danger zones? Hosta Labs’ solution gets the dimensions of a room from just a simple picture and allocates the objects inside it on 3-dimensional coordinate system. On top, Hosta understands materials and objects from an architectural point of view.

Turn simple photos into cad models or 2D plans

Do you want to track construction progress or changes made to your space? Do you want to re-create your living room digitally? Hosta Labs creates models and plans (floor plan, reflected ceiling, working drawing) from just a simple picture. Hosta tracks construction progress or changes made to existing spaces by overlaying CAD models, laying out changes.